Starlight Productions

Starlight Productions


Who is Starlight Production Limited?
Starlight Production is a family owned business powered by dedicated staff, some of whom
have been with the company for upwards of 6 years as well as new members who are able to
adopt the same enthusiasm, contributing new dimensions towards the growth of our company.

We strive to maintain our focus on delivering the best possible service to our individual clients in
a greater effort to achieve high standards of service and deliveries in the Entertainment
Industry. With that said, we also aim to maintain affordable pricing for which we are known,
while simultaneously exceeding client expectations.

What does Corporate Social Responsibility mean to Starlight Production?
In our journey to realising our goals, we have not lost sight of our corporate social
responsibilities. We have, over the years and continue to eagerly participate in numerous charity
events spanning all 14 parishes of our island – Relay for Life (St. Mary, St. Ann, Kingston),
Sigma Run, Colour Me Happy, Hope in the Hills, Powerful Men & Women in Concert and
Shaggy & Friends to name a few.

Sports is an integral part of the cultural backbone of Jamaica and our partnership with the
Jamaica Olympic Association allows us to reach into the heart of Jamaica and further expand
our contribution to our country.

We have the opportunity to support talented athletes from across Jamaica in competing on an
Olympic world stage. Corporate Social Responsibility in our estimation far surpasses
contributions to charities and outreach initiatives, but on a wider scale involves contributions to
the development of our nation and more specifically our youth. Through our partnership with the
JOA, we are able to participate as facilitators in the development of our athletes and youth.
There is no greater reward than participating in projects that provide tremendous exposure of
Jamaica to the world, facilitate development of our citizens and truly represent us as a nation
and our spirit.

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