LASCO Manufacturing Limited was incorporated in October lascelleschairman1994 by its Founder, Chairman and CEO, Honorable Lascelles Chin. In August 2010, the company changed its name from LASCO Foods (Successors) Limited to its present one. In October 2010, LASCO Manufacturing Limited became a publicly listed company after its first public offer on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market.

The company prides itself on its results-oriented approach, passion to satisfy consumers, investment in technology and in the training and development of its high calibre employees. Since its inception, the LASCO brand has been synonymous with affordability and value for the consumer. Slogans such as “LASCO Makes Living Affordable”, “Nutrition Never Tasted so Good” and “Positive on Quality” reflect LASCO’s commitment to its consumers.

It is this commitment which has earned us the respect and admiration of the public at large making us a household name across Jamaica. LASCO Manufacturing Limited has pioneered a wide range of products, including its popular soy protein beverages. These drinks deliver to the consumer a highly nutritious product at a reasonable price. The company currently operates two divisions, manufacturing and export.

It has also developed a close partnership with LASCO Distributors Limited, an affiliated LASCO company in Jamaica, as well as with selected distributors in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Canada, the USA, the UK and the Middle East. LASCO Manufacturing Limited has distinguished itself in its dedication to the development of Jamaica and the region, through educational and social programmes and the delivery of assistance to the less fortunate. The company has spearheaded and supported a wide range of community development activities, including its Ambassadorial Programmes. These programmes were initiated to recognize outstanding Jamaicans such as teachers, police and nurses.

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