Samuda urges sports medicine upgrade to handle JOA teams

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September 12, 2019

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) is calling on the Jamaica Sports Medicine Association (JSMA) to have members certified, given its intent to pull medical practitioners from that outfit to provide treatment for national teams at international competition.

Christopher Samuda, president of the JOA, made the disclosure during a recent press conference marking the 40th anniversary of the JSMA, which was held at Olympic Manor, JOA headquarters.

“As an association with 40 years of experience and oversight responsibility for professions in sport and given the increasing and the acknowledged importance of sport medicine in athlete performance and long term development, the time is right and ripe for action,” Samuda told the gathering.

“I have made a call to you, already, for action. For you to become the regulatory and certifying body for all professionals – doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, strength and conditioning trainers – from whom we, the JOA, will make selections for our national teams to regional and international games,” he added.

“The delivery of Games must be professionalised and the JOA is moving towards certification by your association of professionals, who are registered with you, as a prerequisite for selection by us.”

Since taking the reins of the JOA, Samuda has facilitated team travel with experienced officials serving in varying capacities. And given their thrust, he urged the sports medicine umbrella body to ensure the relevance of its members through constant upgrades.

“As the regulatory body, as the certifying body, you must, therefore, establish a system of continuing education whereby members, through customised courses, practicums, and curricula, are exposed to and become or remain current with the latest knowledge-based modules and techniques as part of your process of certifying them to be eligible for selection by us. You know you have the support of the JOA,” Samuda said.

“Sport in Jamaica, now more than ever, needs medicine, your medicine,” he continued. “So in this your mature year of 40, I congratulate you and express my gratitude to you for the signal work your members continue to give selflessly. I have every confidence that you will play your part in administering the required medicine in enabling a virus-free environment in which sport can grow, develop and thrive,” the JOA boss noted.