JOA Stamina Workshop Series

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February 22, 2019

The Jamaica Olympic Association’s (JOA) third Stamina workshop is now underway with a three-day lecture series and demonstrations on cutting edge sports medicine being delivered by Australian based Physiotherapist, Dr. Jo Brown.  The lectures will cover three main topics: Introduction to Manual Therapy, Mastering Hamstring Rehabilitation and The Screening Process in Runners.  Dr. Brown has over 20 years’ experience in the sporting arena.  Her prowess in the field of sports science is well known having had tremendous treatment success in sport and exercise therapy. 

Over fifty sport scientists including physiotherapists, massage therapist, coaches, athletes and sport science university and college students have been in attendance so far. The sessions have been very interactive with hands on illustrations and presentations and is well received by participants.

Stamina was launched last year through the Education and Training arm of the JOA and takes the form of content rich workshops and lectures aimed at imparting information and knowledge relevant to its Members.  Subject areas covered so far include Financial Management, Managing Politics in Sport, Nutrition and Athletic Performance, Emotional Wellness.  Stamina is a quarterly session.