JOA pushes for Jamaica to become sporting mecca

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July 15, 2019

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) is continuing its thrust to establish Jamaica as a preferred venue for regional and international games and tournaments, which it maintains is a critical element in building a local sport industry and creating a viable sport tourism product.

“Part of our (JOA) strategic and business outlook is the establishment of a sports industry with an infrastructure that enables international games execution, revenue generation at the micro and macro levels, and which has as one of its by-products, sport tourism, as a viable GDP contributor,” said JOA President Christopher Samuda.

The JOA has itself undergone restructuring as it responds to the business of sport in a commercial reality and in a way that facilitates members’ growth and developmental objectives. The sporting landscape, from a commercial perspective, has changed dramatically over the last two decades and this has prompted many sporting bodies to ‘change gears’.

“If you want to be a successful candidate for hosting regional or global events or generally to be at the top of your game, you’ve got to acclimatise. Financial literacy, business acumen, strategic marketing, organisational capacity, partnerships which give the investor or sponsor bang for the buck, efficiency in activation and professionalism in undertakings are all part of selling confidence to the international market of tournament decision-makers and prospective backers,” JOA Secretary General/CEO Ryan Foster maintains.

Jamaica’s apex sporting body is taking the lead and, in this regard, has already forged alliances with associations, notably the Jamaica Rugby (Union) Federation and the Jamaica Darts Federation, in making a bid to host international tournaments in Jamaica.

Foster remarks: “The JOA has, as far as is practicable, integrated its operations with member associations as we collectively strive to realise their goals.”

Brand Jamaica is very strong in the world of sport and our music tourism heritage have added tremendous value to the country’s asset base. The JOA is playing its part and is encouraging others to come on board.