Jamaica Olympic Association secretary general promises to promote cheerleading

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March 19, 2020

Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) secretary general Ryan Foster has said the organisation is seeking to develop cheerleading.

His comments came after he commended the Jamaica Fitness Association (JAMFIT), the Jamaica Cheerleading Club and the Wolmer’s Preparatory School Board for their staging of an event which attracted 2,500 competitors.

“The sport is not a new one, but one that has grown in strides and is one of those sports that should be up for consideration for the 2024 Olympics,” said Foster, who is also the chairman of Wolmer’s School Board, to the Jamaica Observer.

“The JOA as the sports apex body will surely play a part in the discussions as to how we can work with the association and Wolmer’s to host and put on more competitions such as these. 

“Sport is seen as a catalyst for change, and it was amazing to witness competitors at such a young age learning and plying their trade.

“Wolmer’s Prep was instrumental in putting on such a competition, and competitions such as these will enable the next generation of athletes who are not interested in the traditional forms of sport to develop that level of competitiveness, industry and integrity.”

Karel Ashley Jones, of JAMFIT, added: “We believe that cheerleading is a great sport to develop physical agility, creativity and teamwork in a fun, safe environment.

“We are pleased to see the students being carefully guided by their coaches, who have been certified by the association to ensure the safety of the students.”